The Efford Bill – More Reasons For Concern


NHA Membership Secretary Deborah Harrington on the latest fallout from the Efford Bill

Labour MP Clive Efford has posted a legal rebuttal to Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick’s critique of his ‘Efford Bill‘. It is written by David Lock QC – by chance the one-time Labour MP for Wyre Forest who supported the proposed ‘changes’ to Kidderminster Hospital which started the political career of NHA co-founder Dr Richard Taylor.

Lock’s analysis is a mixture of legal interpretation and neoliberal ideology. He ‘explains’ why Pollock, Roderick and others are wrong about Efford’s Bill, adding his neoliberal interpretation of the founding principles of the NHS. He seeks to demonstrate that the Health Secretary never had a ‘duty to provide’ healthcare and this is his commentary on the utopian and unachievable aim of a  ‘comprehensive’ service:

“There are a multitude of reasons why a comprehensive health service that provides relevant healthcare services to…

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