An acknowledgement (with thanks)

I just wanted to make sure that credit went where credit was due so…

A very big thank you to Jan Savage. Jan is a member of KONP and we met through a TTIP/KONP group. Jan drafted the original letter for comment and consideration and, as you all know, I put in some small amendments but the main body was her fantastic work. Jan would like to be acknowledged as the originating author and I am more than happy to do so.

Secondly to the ‘team’ that has assembled itself to send the letters out across the country and to feed back the results. As you all know MPs/MEPs ignore letters that don’t come from their constituents. Without you all the letters couldn’t have been sent so widely.

Second wave of letters to send will be with you shortly. This campaign has to continue in as directed and forceful a way as possible. TTIP is facing massive protest all across the EU and the US. Here in the UK we have been slow to react and the focus has been almost entirely on the ISDS. The rest of the world realises that it is the Agreement itself that presents the danger to us all.

In solidarity and with hope x